Welcome to Blood of Christ Episcopal Church

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church invites you to join with us for the fellowship and worship through our congregations and the church invites the Independent local churches of all creeds to unite under the Federal Platform to protect our pastoral rights, believers rights, congregational rights, Religious rights, and human rights with the help of the civil governments.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is inviting the individual memberships and the church memberships in large by way of a special drive for the responsibilities of Prayers, Faith fullness, Love and Care, Identification, Teaching spirit, Service, financial support, Witnessing.

Blood of Christ Statement of Faith

I believe the Elohim of Almighty who created the heavens and earth in the beginning and who has been calling as the Heavenly Father by the Semitic Scholars and Patriarchs.

I believe Jesus Christ as my Savior, Redeemer, and the LORD, who saw the Holy Father and who has been being from the beginning of creation, He descended from heaven and was born as a child of the Virgin Mary’s womb and grown as a son of Joseph. When He started to proclaim the Kingdom of God and make the disciples as Apostles to the ministry, then He cursed by His people and punished, crucified by the Roman Government by the Judgement of Ponti Pilot, He left His soul on the cross and buried the body in a tomb. On the day of third, He resurrected with the body as proclaimed in the Holy Scriptures witnessed by the Angels and He ascended to heaven in the presence of the public after forty days of the resurrection and sat on the right hand of the Holy Father testifies by the disciples. The Apostles announced this News to the church as Good News of Christ and canvas the second coming of Jesus to judge the people of all nations of the dead and lives.

I believe the Holy Spirit who promised to send by the son of God and I believe the eternal life, the resurrection of the dead, the fellowship of holy, the Triune God, one baptism, and my sins will be forgiven forever by taking sanctified bread and wine with pure in heart. Amen.


Indian House of Bishops Annual Meet | 20 Nov 2020

The National Council of Blood of Christ Episcopal Churches of India Announces the Indian House of Bishops Annual Meeting. Agenda and Circular will follows.