Head of the Universal Church is Christ, the church will sanctify the sinners to be Righteous, and the church will practice the teachings of Jesus and worship Him as a Saviour of sins. Jesus showed the love upon everybody, the church is also showing the love of God as said to Peter in Acts 3:4, 6 ‘Look at us….what I do have I give you in the name of Jesus Christ’.

Love our neighbor, enemy, family, country, leaders, rulers, wife, children, teachers, and everyone. When we love others, the animals, birds, trees will also love us, nature provided all curable remedies, Adam made by red dust, that dust was healed many still today.

We can see Jesus, if you have faith, faith will by practices, everyone will know in their personnel experience but Jesus said In Mathew 5:6 ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’, our heart is our temple.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church motivates the congregations and clergymen to have a pure heart in Jesus by serving pastoral services of Holy Sacraments with fear and confidence. The church will establish the old age homes, orphanage, widows help, rehabilitation centers, and many more for the welfare of the congregation under the motto of ‘Love’ as a Doctrine.