Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is a visionary church, it was not for common services. The bishop has been experienced God’s voice and guided by him to rectify the wrong thoughts speeded in the church movement. From that experience, the bishop practiced the pastoral services in the mainline churches as an Evangelist of CSI Cuddapah Diocese,  C.R. of A E Lutheran Church, Pastor of  S A Lutheran Church, Reverend of  B C E Church, Bishop of Christ New Testament Ministry, Episcopal Bishop of INA Diocese, Arch Bishop of BCE Church and Priest Bishop. The existing position and regular speaker of the Baptist congregations, major leading role in the Pentecostal churches, and many denominational experiences, but he hasn’t happy.

Priest Bishop A. J. C. Sobhan Babu is the Patriarch of the Blood of Christ Episcopal Church, who has the experience with God. In his research upon the church movement in the local congregations of mainline and Independent churches. He noticed many differences in all creeds, and the believers are also participating in church politics as civil politics, on his pastoral experience, he argued and discussed with the clergy and non-clergy on different issues but no use. Finally, he decided the present system was disturbed. It will not reform until the movement will collapse, after many Liturgical practices he founded the church on 08.08.2008 in Guntur as per his vision to promote His vision by way of Acts 3:4,6.

The Patriarch designed the Universal pastoral system by following the countrywide traditions and practiced to implement that clergy promotional system through the Independent local churches who joined as church membership, the system started from India and expanding to the Global church movement by practicing episcopal jurisdictions in large to promote or to elect the protestant Universal spiritual head in future through the BCE church pattern by the support of other Universal creeds.