Statement of Faith

Blood of Christ Statement of Faith

We believe the Holy God of Almighty who created heaven and earth in the beginning and the Scriptures of the Patriarchs.

We believe the Jesus Christ as our Savior, Redeemer and the Lord who is at the beginning with the Holy God, He born as a child from the womb of Mary and grown as a son of Joseph, He spread the Kingdom of God and make the disciples as Apostles to the Messianic Ministry, He cursed by His people and punished by the Roman Government. He caught to the cross by the Judgement of Pilot and died, buried in a tomb. On the third day as per the Scriptures, He bodily resurrected from the tomb witnessed by the Angels, He ascended to the sky after forty days of resurrection in the presence of the public. The apostles announced the News to the church as Good News of Christ, who sat on the right hand of Holy God He will come again very soon to judge the dead and lives.

We believe the Holy Spirit, the eternal life, the resurrection of the dead, the fellowship of holy, the Triune God, one baptism and taking sanctified bread and wine my sins to be forgiven forever.