Vision & Mission

VISION: To unite the Independent local churches under the federal platform of Blood of Christ Episcopal Church to promote the Modern Protestantism by promoting systematic pastoral up-gradation under the church government policy by following civil governments and establish the bishop oriented local Churches for the continuity worship services and the church will alert the Congregations,  Bishop Councils, Governments and Leaders about the signs of the second coming of Jesus by observing the nature and natural disasters.

Mission: Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is self-supported and membership oriented church and to Implement the systematic Holy Sacraments in the member congregations by following the church government system and open the bishop’s chapels as local congregations.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is promoting the threefold ministry by ordaining the Pastors, upgrade the Reverends, Rectors, and Consecrate Bishops and appoint them to the congregations & Jurisdictions of bishops.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is open the door to collaborate with the aboard episcopal churches to support or to elect the Universal Spiritual Head and to self-promote the jurisdictional cadres for that position as designed by the councils of bishops with risen church memberships.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is going to recycle the existing Christian Rites, Traditions, Customs, Ceremonies, and Matrimonies as guided by the Patriarch’s Vision by following the Indian culture as mentioned in the Book of Common Prayer.

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church is honoring the Civil Governments of State and Central Government of India and their norms to be applied into the congregations, the Clergymen will be authorized to solemnize the Christian Marriages in the churches as provided by the 1872 law.